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Letting go

Independence – The very word by itself has a significant meaning which gives us a joyous feeling. The United States of America celebrates yet another independence day with all the wonderful fireworks in the sky, for those of us who work its a day off and its also a time of family reunion for everyone. This is just great time for all of us in this country, but as Christians, (more…)


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Empty Glass

Can I be real with you?

You sit there,
Now, your hands wrapped around that glass;
Now, tapping on the table and echoing the seconds as they tick by.
The rain outside delays your retreat,
Somehow, I know you’ll stick around and listen.

Can I be real?

Yesterday, the pile that’s been growing
Up up up
For so many years began to wobble again.
I knew that if I even breathed funny,
If I stopped running, or jerked in a certain way,
The whole porcelain castle would implode.

Are you still listening?


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It’s with joy and thanksgiving that I write this post on Father’s Day. It was my Dad (step-Dad to be technical, but Abba in every sense of the word) who first led me to Christ, and it was my Dad who, around this time last year, shepherded me through probably the hardest time of my life so far. And it’s through my Dad that I begin to see a glimpse of how our Heavenly Father cares for us so tenderly.

Proverbs 1:8-9 says “your father’s instruction…[is] a graceful wreath to your head,” and this statement rings true, especially for me today. Most of us tend to view our fathers as only demanding obedience and often unreasonable as we’re growing up. For me, it turns out, I was wrong. During the aforementioned difficult time in my life, I had often sought the counsel of friends. Though they were kind hearted and of strong character, it was not until I talked to my brother who sternly exhorted me to go to my Dad with the issue, that I realized that friends and their advice can only go so far: the wisdom and authority of my Dad had no match. And sure be it, it was not until I sought the counsel of my earthly father, which was loving, wise, and understanding, that I was really able to connect and reconcile with my Heavenly Father.

So today, on behalf of all of us here on the blog, I want to thank all our Dad’s, for their love, instruction, and care, and for showing us the nature of our Heavenly Father, to whom there is no compare.

Photo : Pingu (Creative Commons)

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