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Please God

Please God, try me… (Have you ever mentioned this?)

In our lives, at every stage we tend to learn new things and we also experience interesting things. Sometimes, things that we come across and experiences that we encounter teach us something or some of them just tend to be one of those passing clouds, about which we don’t want to even think about. Life has its own twist by itself and every day has something new to unfold or something old that is waiting for its own reclamation.

The most intriguing question that I ask to myself all the time or the question that we all are supposed to be pondering upon in our day to day Christian walk should be…Are we ready to let God test us for His ministry? The reason why we all should start considering this question is because; we tend to spend most of our lives in the form of a cycle or a routine in which we play a major role of just following a very comfortable and safe route of a one way traffic (OUR WORLD) and try to wonder about our weak spiritual growth and why aren’t we yet getting anywhere. (more…)


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The Jesus Cure

It’s no secret that life is a difficult maze filled with problems, sorrows, pain and grief. We also know that the cure is Jesus Christ, and that His desire to help each one of us through this maze is His greatest. From the beginning we’ve been told that God shaped us, formed us and made us in His image; realistically though, so few of us continue to believe that as life takes its toll upon us. We develop this tainted vision that God gave us life only to let us go through life seeking our own way out of the troubles of this world. How far that is from the truth!

When reading Isaiah 55:1, the Lord says “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters, and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” The price that God paid for us has paid our debt for eternity! We need not pay with our lives in order to possess the key to eternity. It costs us absolutely nothing to come to the Father. Little do we know though, that while we strive to fight off life’s challengers by ourselves, God is still waiting for us to turn to Him so that He can fight for us. How many of us are willing to let Him take control? (more…)

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Things kick off today in Dallas, TX with the Young Adult Summit: Ignition.  As participants begin engaging in a host of activities don’t miss out on the blessing.  Javits & I will be heading up tomorrow and we will be reporting along with a team of others at the ignitionblog. Click and comment.

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I went to the beach not too long ago.  And I saw you there.  We longed to see the ocean but once we were close to it, we trembled with uncertainty.  That’s when we heard the Lord saying, “Fear not.  I am with you.  Go forward”.  Filled partly with excitement and partly with fear, we both decided to make some changes before the waves approached us. 

            I drew a circle around me on the sand and so did you.  Then we both looked up and promised the Lord that we were going to stay in the circle no matter how high the waves ebb.  We were utterly sincere.  And sure enough, we stayed in the circle but not for long.  We saw the waves eroding the marks on the sand slowly but steadily.  Now, we obviously moved from where the circle was but did we really break the promise that we made to the Lord?  After all, there is no circle anymore.

            Have you found yourself in the story yet?  If you are still wondering what this story is about, it’s about you and I and our New Year’s resolutions.  We were at the boundary between somewhat certain sand called 2007 and very uncertain waters called 2008 just a month ago.  (more…)

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