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I’m back in Houston for a short stop-over on my way to a two week long vacation adventure. This morning, I dragged my groggy and sleep-deprived body through security check points, gates, walkways, and finally, the exit of Houston’s Hobby Airport. Two weeks of life changes and the associated stress left me feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. At least, I certainly wasn’t the angel my mom was eagerly anticipating as she picked me up from the airport. After having to endure a car ride home with me sulking and moping in the front seat, my mom made me take a nap. What a wonder 3 hours of sound sleep will do! I woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the last minute errands of the day.

I tell you all of this to give you some context to the amazing little story that punctuated my afternoon. I had driven down to the Rice/West University area to take a nostalgic walk around campus. (more…)


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Mark the date: Friday, September 7th, 2007.  Note the venue: Houston International SDA Church

ACF = Adventist Christian Fellowship (Christian fun & fellowship with an Adventist accent)

If you are an Adventist student, studying at a non-Adventist institution this is just the place for you and your classmates to spend 09.07.07. 

High level format overview is basically M3 = (music) x (message) x (mixer).

Look for details at your local church, campus, ACF Facebook group, or online at: http://acfhouston.com/.

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So my little sister has been away for what seems an eternity.  Phones calls have been brief just like the other day:

My Sister: Hey Jan how are you?
Me: I’m fine, what’s up?
My Sister: I called you earlier.
Me: Oh really, I must have missed it.
My Sister: Oh, ok…well, I have to go now.
Me: (laughs) ok…bye.
My Sister: (did she even say bye?….dial tone)

She’s attending the ASI Youth For Jesus evangelistic training program, which will be wrapping up this weekend. It’s been frustrating at times with her being so brief like this, but this morning I was able to see what God has been doing in her life over the little time she has spent in Louiville, Kentucky and those happiness tears females get when we get older….I caught ’em.  I opened an email with the subject line “ASI Starring Sherene” which a family friend had recorded from 3ABN, so here she is caught on camera.

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