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Adventist Youth welcomes 10 new members to our blog team. You no longer have to hear from only Janice & Javits. Praise God!

As they come in, you’ll be able to learn a little more about each writer on our Contact page. For now, welcome: Kijana Knight, Sylvester Paulasir, Divya Mathew, Philip Mathew, Praveen Jones Singalla, Bernhard Samuel, Regie Samuel, Gobari Nleko, Mithun Mansinghani, & Jared Kannanaikkel.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please Contact us.


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Tap in to GYC seminar audio recordings and main session videos online @ Hope Media Ministry. Keep checking back as files are added.

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Sunday morning marked the end of our time here in Minneapolis (at least for those who aren’t stuck at the airport). Before goodbyes were exchanged Pastor Conway took the stage at 7AM again. His message was a recap of the past few days and he then added to the message, “faith is active.” At 9:30AM the new GYC leaders took the stage for a dedication service. Samuel Pipim, Director of CAMPUS gave a motivational speech. He distinguished the old leadership from the new leadership. He urged the new leadership to answer only to their highest authority, God. GYC has a new name (formerly General Youth Conference) and new leadership; our prayers are needed to maintain the spirit of GYC as the new leaders strive to take it to the next level. As Israel Ramos and Andrea Oliver move on to more mentor-ship roles, we thank them for risking it all when they had nothing to give but their all to Christ in His service.

To close out the conference, Jeffrey Rosario gave the challenge to the congregation. Rosario comes from Vancouver, British Columbia and is a full-time evangelist. His message was challenging and moved more than half the young adults to respond to his appeal which was simply to dedicate our lives to God and to go do His work. Rosario explained that the devil knows better than most of us that his time is short. The devil’s sensitivity to and appreciation for efficiency might just be why, “While I’m sleeping in my bed, he’s flipping through the testimonies,” in the words of Rosario. He went on to point blank declare that we really haven’t heard anything we haven’t already heard before at this GYC, but that it’s time we do something with it. (more…)

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We woke to fluffy white flakes falling and blanketing the ground with a fresh sheet of snow. The sky was still dark early yesterday morning, and the decorative lights were still visible. It looked like a Christmas postcard beyond the skywalk windows. What a way to start this Sabbath day. As we crossed the streets I hummed the tune in my head, “Whiter than snow, yes whiter than snow. Now wash me and I shall be…” This GYC experience has been so refreshing. My own personal revival has been long overdue, and watching the snow transform the scenery outside made me ponder our theme these past few days just a little while longer. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Escaping la la land, my humming came to an end as we approached the 7AM service with Pastor Conway. Pastor Conway talked to us about how God’s word = access to the mind of God, and by studying His word we have the answer to how we can really be Christians. Pastor Paul Ratsara, President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, was the speaker for Divine Worship. Divine Worship was a pep rally of sorts for the outreach initiative scheduled that afternoon. Pastor Ratsara spoke about A Divine Key. “The book of Acts is to be continued…we have many chapter to write right now,” Pastor Ratsara stressed. (more…)

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Friday morning of GYC was yet another great start to a full day. Starting with early morning devotion at 7:00am Steve Conway faced a crowd bright and early. His message was entitled Nothing Between and focused on the elements of forgiveness. Conway stressed the point that there is more to forgiveness than the removal of condemnation, “it’s also the exchange of qualities.” When Christ takes away the sin, He replaces it with His power.

At 9:30am, it was seminar time again. The choices were split across two morning sessions to end the week. One exceptional choice on the schedule featured Dr. Neil Nedley on Healing the Mind: Psychology and the Bible. Dr. Nedley was energetic and engaging Friday morning as he focused on Improving Emotional Intelligence. The session even ended with singing of an “Onward Christian Soldiers” parody.

Steve Kasperbauer from the island of Guam shared his conversion story during the noon hour. Kasperbauer is a successful business owner and struggled with the Sabbath. As a result of 9/11, the tourism industry in Guam suffered. He and his family joined the SDA church and Kasperbauer even in the midst of adverse business climate, decided to obey God’s law. (more…)

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Yesterday a host of topics were on the menu for seminar sessions. Youth were crossing the large halls and were back on forth on the escalators shuffling from room to room. Some of the overlapping choices were painful like choosing between the “Getting Ready for Your Wedding Night” and “The Core Truths of the Sanctuary for All Generations” seminars. Either way by noon attendees had been blessed by quality time studying biblical principles.

It was then while most of the world ate lunch, that GYC participants found themselves feasting on spoken word presented by Andrea Oliver. (more…)

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GYC Day 1

Hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist young people took Minneapolis by storm yesterday, seeking an experience to really be transformed. That is the theme for this year’s Generation of Youth for Christ conference simply titled “Be”: Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind from Romans 12:2. Attendees from all over North America and across the globe joined together in downtown Minneapolis. A walk down the snow covered streets was enough to let you feel the Adventist spirit amidst the holiday cheer. Directions to vegetarian-friendly eateries, and young people armed with Bibles were enough to show that this isn’t just any youth gathering. The caliber of youth resting here in Minneapolis just for the next few days is one of genuine Christianity. Rather than talking the talk as they say, this conference is about walking the walk. (more…)

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