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My relaxed hair with coordinated slacks & blouse had me slightly uneasy twisting every now and then in my chair. Not to mention I rarely tread from the Law Center onto undergraduate grounds. So, I knew it would be an awkward moment going to the UC Underground, but I wouldn’t miss out on this rare shot at a creative study break. The Poetry Slam had a stage reserved for Madame Oluwakemi Ola (aka AYA blogger), and I was going to be a witness no matter how many afros & colorful scarves obscured my view.

It was just a few days back when we were talking about spiritual gifts. Do you know yours when you see ’em? Individuals touched with Divine gifts may often be found behind the stage’s curtain. So the more interesting question for me is not who is on the stage, but who’s missing?

We’d arrived and taken our seats when last year’s champ grasped the mic. The message on her lips hooked everyone in the audience, as she put to rest “Black Texan” so this night could go on. The angst – political & personal, the reemerging sexual focal point, & a passion for graphic short lettered vocabulary made me wonder more than once (for reasons other than my peculiar attire) if I should really be in this room. (more…)


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